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ACD Brochure

OPEX's distributed ACD service offers an intelligent routing or call queuing facility which can be deployed quickly and easily, thereby eliminating the need for expensive capital investment and specialist in-house IT skills.

Call Centres are under continual pressure to handle ever increasing numbers of incoming calls with limited staff resource. Using OPEX in-network ACD, agent status is monitored and calls are distributed in the most effective manner. The process of balancing the incoming demand against availability, results in a faster response to customers and fairer load distribution to agents.

ACD Brochure
Call Recording

Call Recording Brochure

OPEX call recording is a hosted service enabling organisations to record calls without the need to install and maintain expensive capital equipment on their premises.

The OPEX service captures the calls made to and from a business in the telephony network and stores them on the customer's behalf for retrieval
at their convenience.

Call Recording Brochure
Campaign Management

Campaign Management Brochure

The OPEX Hosting Campaign Management application is a feature rich customer interaction management tool incorporating an intuitive user interface. It assists agents and staff by ensuring they can respond to customer and market equirements quickly, efficiently and with virtually no training required.

Designed to improve agent or staff performance with consistent messaging and customer focus it automates the process of what needs to be communicated with dynamic call flow and customer information and is particularly beneficial for those organisations subject to compliance and FSA regulation. Data is stored in secure compliant databases ensuring organisations can meet stringent security standards such as PCI DSS.

Campaign Management Brochure

Click-to-Talk Brochure

OPEX 'click-to-talk' is a powerful Software as a Service (SaaS) application designed to work within CRM systems such as Salesforce.com and Microsoft CRM. It improves the quality and handling of outbound and inbound calls whilst streamlining contact centre communications to improve service.

Click-To-Talk Factsheet

Hosted Telephony Schematic

This schematic diagram shows how the concept of hosted telephony works incorporating the OPEX Call Craft platform.

Hosted Telephony Schematic

OPEX Overview Brochure

OPEX Hosting specialises in delivering hosted telephony applications and contact centre solutions.

What is a Hosted Service?

The hosted service model provides customers with business applications that are delivered to them via the Web or telephony network.

Payment for this service is typically usage or subscription based, so just like any other utility service there is zero capital outlay and customers only pay for what they use.

OPEX Overview

Customer Satisfaction Survey Brochure

The OPEX hosted IVR Satisfaction Survey service combines the best features of traditional IVR-based satisfaction surveys with a multitude of additional benefits by virtue of the fact that it is a hosted service:

Pay As You Go - To get a top-of-the range IVR solution to run customer satisfaction surveys with all of the features required by businesses today is a significant investment in capital equipment. OPEX hosted satisfaction surveys incorporate all the best features of a sophisticated system without the need for any capital outlay.

IVR Customer Satisfaction Survey

Self-Service IVR Brochure

OPEX hosted IVR services can automate a wide variety of business processes to speed up customer handling whilst providing a more complete service at lower cost. All OPEX hosted IVR services are offered as standard 'off-the-shelf' solutions or customised to suit particular
business needs.

When a finalised self-service model is put into use, your customers will have the ability to give instructions or receive services by either speaking to the system or using the touch-tone keypad.

IVR Brochure
Mobile Call Recording

Mobile Call Recording Brochure

The professional way to record all telephone conversations and SMS messages to and from mobile phones and meet future compliance standards.

The compliant recording process provides corporate clients with a tamper-proof system which allows recording of their mobile phones to take
place either within the telecoms network or on the organisation's own in-house recording systems - whichever best fits the corporate policy.

Mobile Recording Brochure
NHS Call Recording

NHS Call Recording Brochure

The OPEX Call Recording Service gives you the ability to record any telephone call to and from any landline or mobile phone.

In the past this has meant a complex investment in equipment and technology, taking time and resource to learn how to use it and implement it. This is not the case with our new service - OPEX enables you to record calls without the need to
install any equipment!

NHS Call Recording Brochure