OPEX Hosting Telephony Services
QAS International ISO 23001:2005 Registered Firm - Certificate no IT1097

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OPEX Hosting provide back-up for 111 service

With a number of out of hours healthcare providers having to transfer their call handling to the new 111 service, it’s always good to know there...

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OPEX our story

Who we are

OPEX Hosting is a subsidiary company of Business Systems (UK ) Ltd. With its head office in Middlesex, the company provides hosted telecommunication services including call recording, ACD, IVR and delivers these from operational centres located at Watford, Slough and Canary Wharf. The operational centres are co-located with Cable & Wireless and Global Crossing.

What we do

OPEX Hosting provides a full suite of 'in-network' telecommunications solutions: - from our customer's perspective these services require neither management nor maintenance on their part and we charge on a 'usage-only' basis.

The OPEX (the name is derived from OPerating EXpenditure) business model works well for contact centres looking to expand or add functionality to existing services, for government bodies looking to enhance their call handling ability and for general businesses that need specific services.

Why use OPEX

The business benefits to using OPEX 'hosted' services are enormous:

  • Customers can take immediate advantage of efficient telecoms services without using capital expenditure
  • Customers have no infrastructure to manage or maintain
  • Services can be set up quickly and increased or decreased according to demand

By using a consultative approach, OPEX considers business requirements and looks to add intelligence to voice and data traffic. This process often results in additional and unforeseen benefits that increase the customer's return on investment significantly.

We welcome the opportunity to assist customers in matching business objectives to revenue based hosted services.