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Virtual ACD's deliver calls virtually anywhere...

by OPEX Hosting, December 3rd 2007

...and record all the calls you want to at the same time - good result!

ACD's have been around for many years but the market has swung firmly towards software-only solutions for good reason. Firstly, it reduces cost of ownership, secondly, there is no capital outlay and thirdly you can switch on extras like call recording with a few extra key strokes.

The latest generation of ACD applications are 'hosted' and in the case of OPEX Hosting the ACD facility is pure IP technology which ensures

East Berkshire Primary Care GP solution achieves 30% cost savings

by OPEX Hosting, December 1st 2007

East Berkshire Primary Care (EBPC) Out of Hours Services have launched a groundbreaking new initiative using technology from OPEX Hosting to provide GPs and primary care providers in their area with a raft of new telephony services.

These 'in-network' services are a 'pay-as-you-go' business package and deliver call recording, call routing and messaging, which provide numerous time and money saving benefits. Up until now, call recording to small-distributed locations like surgeries is expensiv