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Mobile phone & SMS text recording technology evolves

by OPEX Hosting, March 1st 2008

It's simple, it's secure, and it's captured in the network - which means it's easy to integrate into your existing infrastructure!

It's been a while since we broached the subject of recording mobile phones and in that time the technology has evolved significantly, making the whole process much easier and more cost effective. In addition, the FSA has recently published proposals, which will probably mandate the recording of calls from mobile phones in the foreseeable future.

The benefi

OPEX Hosting add staff rostering application to product suite

by OPEX Hosting, March 1st 2008

OPEX Hosting have recently launched a brand new staff rostering and scheduling service which successfully complements their growing suite of virtual call centre applications. The service incorporates 'follow me capability' so that regardless of where the agent or recipient of the call is, be it their desk, mobile or anywhere else the call will effectively follow them.

It can be used in different ways depending on the needs of the client. One application of the product is in the event of a