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5 hosted telephony apps you should consider

by OPEX Hosting, February 19th 2009

Recent years have seen significant development of ‘hosted telephony’ applications as increasingly companies embrace the flexibility of Software as a Service (SaaS). So to kick the New Year off we have shortlisted our top 5 hosted telephony applications available for call centres:

1. Hosted IVR - The ability to automate business processes whilst improving customer handling is a no brainer in today’s contact centre even more so if you can pay for this on a usage-only basis whi

OPEX invest in customer support infrastructure for 2009

by OPEX Hosting, February 19th 2009

It was over two years ago that Business Systems acquired OPEX Hosting. In that time the OPEX team has grown significantly as has the range of hosted telephony applications.

The portfolio began with just hosted call recording, ACD, self-service IVR and teleconferencing. Today, OPEX now has a wider suite of hosted applications including mobile call recording, campaign management, customer satisfaction surveys, click-to-talk, dialler applications and bespoke virtual switch solutions.

With wi

Are ‘0300’ numbers the way forward for patients seeking call cost clarity?

by OPEX Hosting, February 9th 2009

It has never sat particularly well with patients or government that '084' numbers are used in the NHS. Why? Because more often than not patients have to pay more than the cost of a local rate call to access NHS services. As a rule, GP surgeries and Out of Hours Service providers usually choose not to charge more than the minimum for '084' numbers, but patients have no way of knowing this before calling. In addition, phone companies have not included calls to '084' numbers as part of call package