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Customer Satisfaction Surveys come out top at Leeds

by OPEX Hosting, June 1st 2007

The success of the Leeds conference 'Improving Performance 2007' proved yet again that those in the Contact Centre industry are determined to raise the bar on performance and that the stated goal of the Customer Contact Association:- "to drive professionalism in customer contact centres", was indeed the objective for many.

There is no doubt that knowledge is the key and the combination of benchmarking and experience are invaluable. Promotional Logistics (Prolog) probably run one of the best call centres in the UK. Constantly in the top quartile of league tables you have to ask why - so we did and got Paul Miller, their Call Centre Director to explain what works for them.

As with most successes the process was disarmingly simple. Considering industry statistics show that 91% of consumers have a bad contact centre experience, the process of measuring your own customer satisfaction levels and then benchmarking against the industry is the logical starting point.

Getting true customer feedback, quickly and simply is the key and this goes beyond the typical postcard responses. Prolog uses a hosted in-network Customer Satisfaction facility from OPEX providing a number of benefits. Firstly and most importantly, the customer feedback is hot immediately following the conversation with the agent and therefore it is relevant. Secondly, the customer's comments are automatically graded by the system and forwarded real-time to call centre operations staff - simple but so effective!

Quality monitoring also figured highly and offers the ability to manage agents more effectively whilst assessing the accuracy of what they are saying to customers. Used in the right way, monitoring is one of the essential tools to ensure agents are performing to the right standards consistently. Calls are being evaluated on a wide set of parameters and assist in trend spotting so that appropriate action is taken to eliminate bad practice. However, a note of caution, there is the danger that evaluations can be inward focused without measuring the true customer experience and what they want from the call.

Depending on what you want to achieve, both solutions work. Customer Satisfaction Surveys empower the customer to comment on aspects of your service you may not have even considered reviewing. However, it won't necessarily tell you whether your agent adhered to the script and mentioned the special promotion you were running that day - it's all about balance!

If you want to find out more about the customer satisfaction facility provided by OPEX call us on 020 8326 8326