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How do you create the snappiest 'Click-to-talk' application?

by OPEX Hosting, August 1st 2008

Take one Systems Integrator, a CRM package, some hosted Call Recording and blend together until smooth - serve immediately!

'Click-to-talk' technology is the latest in a raft of new recording applications developed by our sister company OPEX Hosting to provide real value to users of CRM packages.

OPEX is partnering with systems integrator Fujitsu to add 'click-to-talk' technology into CRM systems such as 'Salesforce'. Collectively this is a powerful application that enables sales personnel when reviewing customer data to 'click' on the contact phone number; this in turn dials the number, then simultaneously connects the agent and records the call.

The real intelligence in the application lies in the fact that the call data and the recording will automatically be stored as a link against that contact within the CRM system. All calling activity whether successful or failed will then be logged within the CRM activity history.

The possibilities for this application are immense, as well as sales personnel it can be used by finance and accounts teams who may be chasing for payments, HR personnel who may be conducting phone interviews from candidate databases or by procurement staff trying to negotiate the best deal.

Due to the hosted delivery of the application, calls can be recorded whether staff are in the office or working from home without the expense of CTI integration or set up. Furthermore telecoms costs will be reduced as calls are connected directly from the hosted platform.

OPEX Hosting Technical Delivery Director, Stephen Owen commented "It's the customers who are driving the demand for this application and the way it is being developed. They want seamless CTI integration, they don't want to have to install anything else on their desktop and they want to have calling activity and links to the recording all in one location - at the moment this is often dispersed across different solutions."

This application is ideally suited to SMEs, financial institutes and contact centres and should prove an attractive offering as there is no expensive development and integration time associated. Plans are underway to integrate the application into other hosted CRM systems such as SAP and SAGE.

Phase 2 of development will see the launch of an inbound service where customer calls are delivered to users of the CRM solutions along with the subsequent call recording and link regardless of the dispersed locations of those users.

To find out more about how this application could benefit your organisation please contact 020 8326 8326 or email marketing@opexhosting.com.