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Mobile phone & SMS text recording technology evolves

by OPEX Hosting, March 1st 2008

It's simple, it's secure, and it's captured in the network - which means it's easy to integrate into your existing infrastructure!

It's been a while since we broached the subject of recording mobile phones and in that time the technology has evolved significantly, making the whole process much easier and more cost effective. In addition, the FSA has recently published proposals, which will probably mandate the recording of calls from mobile phones in the foreseeable future.

The benefits of mobile phone recording, span far beyond the financial sector and impact on mobile workers in many professions. Emergency services staff are a good example; traditionally, the field-based staff using mobiles have not had the same protection as their desk-bound colleagues, purely due to the difficulties of recording in the mobile environment.

The latest mobile recording solution from Business Systems and their sister company OPEX Hosting changes all of that with the introduction of its in-network service. The service automatically records all calls to and from those mobile phones that are registered to the service. Each call is recorded in the telecoms network and securely hosted on carrier grade infrastructure and is available for replay immediately after the call is finished via secure web access.

Unlike previous solutions the new OPEX service automatically records all inbound and outbound voice calls plus SMS texts without the need for user intervention. Recordings can remain stored in the telecoms network or sent to the customer's own specific data store depending upon security and compliance requirements.

This Pay-As-You-Go solution, means there is no up front capital cost providing enormous benefit and flexibility as specific individuals and groups can be added to the service as demand dictates. There is no need to change contracts with incumbent mobile phone providers and existing phone numbers can be kept. The service is also available on a wide range of handsets, including Blackberries, ensuring decisions can be made regardless of location. The service has been designed to be network agnostic, working with any carrier on any network in the world, provided the handset is compatible with that network. Ideal as a business continuity strategy, the service can offer tangible competitive advantage, minimising downtime in the event of a major incident.

Ultimately the inclusion of mobile phones within an organisation's voice recording strategy ensures they are no longer the weak link in what would otherwise be a secure communications architecture.