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Moveme.com achieves call centre fluidity with hosted telephony and interaction tools

by OPEX Hosting Marketing, January 29th 2010

Moveme.com take the stress out of house moves by providing a concierge service which assists people with planning and organising the move, getting local removal quotes, transferring utilities and providing price comparisons for home services.

Moveme.com generate leads through strategic affiliations with companies like Royal Mail who know when people are scheduled to move. To optimise their outbound customer contact process, Moveme.com appointed OPEX Hosting to provide telecoms functions for preview dialling, call recording and Aeriandi’s Liquid scripting tool. Liquid Scripting is a hosted interaction management tool which manages the data feeds coming through from these affiliate organisations, outbound campaigns are then scheduled to contact potential customers with the offer of assisting with the move.

The Liquid interaction management application enables leads to be drip fed into the system. The real intelligence in the application comes from data being prioritised based on where it has come from, when a move might be taking place and how important it is deemed. The highly sophisticated bespoke prioritisation engine takes into account a number of factors, including learned behaviours of movers which indicate the best days to call during the build up to a move. This ensures Moveme.com can make the most of any lead they have in the system by significantly improving their chances of achieving a successful call outcome.

The business has seen a real difference in their overall profit margins, due to the optimum logging, assessment and prioritisation of incoming leads. Using the agent interface and hosted preview dialling technology the system automatically brings up the next lead to call and incorporates ‘click-to-dial’ technology. The agent is presented with the next record to dial and the interaction tool captures the best process for introducing the services of the company, validating processes such as capturing the correct post codes and ensuring data is captured by the agent in the right format. The system also saves time on calls by providing the ability to quickly reschedule call backs when appropriate.

As part of the solution all calls are recorded by OPEX Hosting for quality monitoring purposes and this is integrated with the interaction management tool and dialler. The solution is fully Payment Card Industry compliant. During the conversation the system intelligently prompts agents with appropriate reminders dependent on the information they have captured during the call. Following the resolution of a call, automatic emails and reports are generated, saving agent time on administration and benefiting the home mover considerably.

The solution provided ensures an end-to-end quality process and that the training of agents can be conducted to the highest possible standards, providing a high level of visibility on success metrics. OPEX has provided a tailored solution very specific to Moveme.com, optimising many of their business processes whilst incorporating an intuitive agent interface which ensures a very slick outbound operation that will enable the company to ramp up as required.

Mark Cunningham, Founder and Commercial Director at Moveme.com, commented “The solution provided by OPEX Hosting and Aeriandi enables us to deploy things at sprint speed, so when we make changes to our website, we are able to reflect these changes in real-time in the telephony centre, so our offline services effectively match those online. The front end of the interaction management tool is as liquid as they say it is, enabling you to edit on the fly. It’s a real breakthrough which is not available anywhere else.”

The potential for success and growth of the business is evident with Moveme.com’s ambitious plans for expansion over the next year and the solution provided is an integral tool for facilitating that growth and ensuring a smooth transition during that period. Mark Cunningham, concludes “Ultimately a conversation can change the way everything operates and with this technology you can test changes with one operator and scale it across the entire floor within minutes. The key element of this solution, is its fluidity. A Call Centre Manager can change a script without having any technical knowledge whilst minimising the input, time, effort and energy required from other departments within the organisation.”

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