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OPEX Hosting add staff rostering application to product suite

by OPEX Hosting, March 1st 2008

OPEX Hosting have recently launched a brand new staff rostering and scheduling service which successfully complements their growing suite of virtual call centre applications. The service incorporates 'follow me capability' so that regardless of where the agent or recipient of the call is, be it their desk, mobile or anywhere else the call will effectively follow them.

It can be used in different ways depending on the needs of the client. One application of the product is in the event of a major incident a single number can be published and an ACD engine is used to discern key routing rules, ensuring that calls can get through to the people with the expertise and skills to deal with them.

Another application currently being used by an existing client is to ensure that internal service level agreements can be met. Using an internal phone index, a number is published that will route staff to specialists in key areas of the business such as insurance, mortgages and pensions. The client is free to self-administrate the service and can build a roster for agents so that at any point in time one of ten to fifteen people are diarised as available to answer the call. The individuals or agents can use their phone to dial in and change the status and drop in an out of the roster as circumstances permit, the system can then automatically replace that person.

Managers can effectively manage the availability of staff gaining a single view in real time of who is booked in to cover calls and able to receive calls, which can then be routed based on skills or whichever caller has been waiting longest.

This is yet another application which supports home or flexible working and to counteract the problem of calls being routed and either picked up by someone else in the household or perhaps just by the answer phone 'whispering pin' technology has been incorporated. This prompts whoever has picked up the call to state a pin number before that call will then be transferred through to them. Plans are underway to develop the capability of the service further by incorporating the ability to conference in management or third parties to the call, so watch this space....

For more information contact salesmanager@opexhosting.com or call 020 8326 8326