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OPEX in-network call recording - now with 'campaign management' tools

by OPEX Hosting, October 1st 2008

Call Centres will love the latest SaaS (Software as a Service) offering from OPEX which provides 'campaign management' as an addition to the OPEX recording suite or if they prefer, as a separate module where the call centre already has an on-premise call recording system.

Using a SaaS model ensures that call centres can gain access to the very best campaign management technology without capital outlay; the process is pure 'usage-based' pricing, which perfectly suits today's economic climate.

If you are not familiar with campaign management tools here is what they do. The software assists agent productivity and competency by ensuring that they respond correctly to customer requirements both quickly and efficiently.

Designed to improve staff performance by using consistent messaging and customer focus, it automates the process with dynamic call flow and customer information which is particularly beneficial for those organisations subject to compliance and FSA regulation.

The software has great flexibility and agents can capture any information relevant to the campaign from each interaction along with comments and call outcomes. Where necessary, call backs can be automatically scheduled and these can be set up for specific dates or times with the use of a simple scheduling tool. Agents can also indicate when they are on breaks, assisting campaign managers with workforce planning, rostering and optimisation at any given time.

There are also powerful reporting capabilities with an extensive range of ready-made templates covering the majority of needs: alternatively, bespoke reports can be created using a wizard. The depth of information captured, quickly defines activity patterns which can be corrected where necessary or replicated when excellent, thereby maximising campaigns and providing real financial gain.

The OPEX campaign management module provides an open platform from which campaign managers can very easily create new campaigns. Using a simple Page Editor with the same look and feel as Microsoft Powerpoint ™ , a user can quickly drag and drop pages and data capture fields and determine the route and flow of a campaign.

Complementing this, the Flow Designer feature provides managers with a visual representation of how information is channelled during an interaction, making it easier to understand the campaign flow from start to finish.

Leading the way in support, this is one of the first products of its kind to provide an online community for users as part of the service, this provides the added ability to discuss issues, and share best practice methods.

For further information on this product please email salesmanager@opexhosting.com or call 020 8326 8326.