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Recording:- home workers / multiple sites and be FSA compliant?

by OPEX Hosting, May 1st 2007

It is becoming common practice to set up geographical workers (either UK or international) who may be based from home, a serviced office or perhaps be fully mobile. Recording the calls for these people can be just as crucial to the business as any office based personnel but until recently the technology to do so was too cumbersome and expensive. Not so today; with clever connectivity and platforms in the hosted environment, the cost of providing these services is no more than traditional call recording.

OPEX Hosting Ltd has put together a special package of services for Business Systems customers to address all these scenarios; the following is a description of how it works.

Firstly, the recording application is a service that takes place in the network on secure servers. This means that no equipment needs to be purchased or installed, which makes it ideal for workers in a serviced office, at home or on mobile devices.

All the calls from all the workers and all the sites are recorded at one central point which gives total management control. Secure playback is provided via the web to authorised personnel only. Calls can even be live monitored by management across all sites if necessary.

The service can be tailored around individual needs. For example; there is the ability to record 'all calls' or 'specific dialled calls', making it ideal for both FSA regulated organisations and those that need to record calls for particular clients.

Calls can be recorded automatically by giving users a hotkey which when pressed routes calls through to the OPEX Network. OPEX Call Recording indexes both inbound and outbound calls by user so that an exact audit trail is produced for management reports. Recordings can be stored either in the network for convenience or downloaded and archived to your chosen site, ensuring complete FSA compliance.