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Virtual ACD's deliver calls virtually anywhere...

by OPEX Hosting, December 3rd 2007

...and record all the calls you want to at the same time - good result!

ACD's have been around for many years but the market has swung firmly towards software-only solutions for good reason. Firstly, it reduces cost of ownership, secondly, there is no capital outlay and thirdly you can switch on extras like call recording with a few extra key strokes.

The latest generation of ACD applications are 'hosted' and in the case of OPEX Hosting the ACD facility is pure IP technology which ensures employee resources can be pooled across your organisation, regardless of location which also includes mobile workers.

The OPEX hosted ACD is an intelligent routing and call queuing facility which can be deployed quickly and easily, eliminating the need for expensive capital investment. This technology can be used for both general business services or for the contact centre.

Because the system is CTI enabled and in-network it can be used for wide ranging contact centre applications. It intelligently captures caller details ensuring they are not only routed to the right agent but that the correct customer information appears on the agent's screen. Calls can be forwarded based on a variety of criteria such as agent skill sets, realtime conditions in the call centre or based on sophisticated routing plans pre-determined by your organisation.

The software provides flexible voice processing so calls can be routed based on speech input. Traffic can be handled from both TDM and IP networks which ensures the service is highly scalable, which is ideal when setting up green field locations or supporting the trend for 'home-shoring'. The fact that it is in-network means that it is highly reliable and can handle any number of simultaneous calls, supporting the most advanced business continuity strategies.

Ultimately the application provides all the functionality you would expect from a high-end ACD, giving you real-time campaign management and monitoring tools to simplify the process of managing and reporting, regardless of where the agent is based.

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