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Want to know what your customers think of you?

by OPEX Hosting, October 1st 2006

OPEX introduces a clever little program that invites customers to give feedback straight after a call, if the customer is dissatisfied it immediately sends an alert to the team manager who can then take appropriate action.

OPEX 'Customer-Satisfaction' is a program to help you focus on the customer and act immediately to salvage any damage that may have been done.

Here's how it works:- firstly, the program can link to your existing call recording system or work independently. It's a network-hosted service so there is no capital cost, set-up is fast and because it's carrier independent, it's available to all companies.

The service allows customers to give feedback on how they were treated immediately following their conversation with the agent; the process is simple for the customer because there is no disconnection. The OPEX program scores the content automatically in real-time and this means that the results are available for scrutiny and action as soon as the customer hangs up.

Where a customer was 'dissatisfied', an email alert would be sent to a supervisor or manager along with a 'voice clip' of the customer's issue. In more sophisticated applications, the complete recording between the customer and the agent can then be retrieved depending on what action is required.

The end result is a real-time escalation of customer issues to the appropriate management level; necessary action can be taken quickly, thereby addressing one of the cardinal points of Customer Loyalty, "resolving my issue - quickly".

Contact salesmanager@opexhosting.com for more information.