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The OPEX Hosting Campaign Management application is a feature rich customer interaction management tool incorporating an intuitive user interface. It ...

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Campaign Management for Finance & Banking

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The OPEX Campaign Management application is a customer interaction management tool, designed to improve agent or staff performance with consistent messaging and customer focus.

It automates the process of what needs to be communicated with dynamic call flow and customer information and is particularly beneficial for those organisations subject to compliance and FSA regulation.

OPEX's Campaign Management tool is flexible enough for users or agents to capture any information relevant to the campaign from each interaction along with comments and call outcomes. Where necessary, call-backs can be automatically scheduled and users can also indicate when they are on breaks assisting campaign managers with workforce planning.

This application comes with powerful reporting capabilities and has an extensive range of ready-made templates available. The level and depth of information captured ensures that patterns can be quickly established and corrective action taken to enhance and maximise campaigns, achieving a better return on investment (ROI).

How it works

The OPEX Hosting Campaign Management tool provides an open platform from which campaign managers can very easily create campaigns. Using a simple Page Editor a user can quickly drag and drop pages and data capture fields and determine the route and flow of campaign.

Complementing this, the Campaign Flow Designer ensures managers can see in a single view, how information is channelled during an interaction making it easier to visualise a campaign flow from start to finish.


  • Ease of use minimises user training and need for in-house technical expertise
  • Reduced costs - ability to change campaigns without third party involvement
  • Strong support functionality with online self-help, user forums and prompts
  • Reporting capabilities provide excellent feedback loop into business processes
  • Ease of integration with other systems e.g. CRM, diallers, call recording systems
  • Supports virtual contact centre, distributed offices and home working environments