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Working alone can create extra health and safety risks. In particular, healthcare employs many lone workers who visit patients or vulnerable people in their homes.

The NHS and Local Authorities already use systems for lone workers to check in and out of appointments, often based on mobile phone text messaging.

OPEX can help with additional capabilities to provide additional layers of security to your existing solutions:

Power Dialling

With the existing mobile phone text messaging based systems, one of the biggest problems is notifying lone workers when the control system is out of action. In this scenario, lone workers have a false sense of security believing that the control centre know where they are. The normal solution in the event of a control system failure is to text all lone workers advising them of the problem and/or attempting to call all lone workers, an extremely time demanding and inefficient process.

With OPEX 'Power Dialling' a database of lone workers and contact numbers is maintained and, in the event of a control system failure, a voice message is 'power dialled' by the OPEX platform. Voice dialling is known to be a far more effective method of contacting lone workers and with OPEX phone calls billed on a per second basis, this can also be a far cheaper alternative.

Mobile Call Recording

OPEX mobile call recording can automatically record all mobile calls, both inbound and outbound, providing an additional level of security.