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OPEX call recording is a hosted service enabling organisations to record calls without the need to install and maintain expensive capital equipment on...

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Telephone Call Recording for Call Centres

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OPEX call recording is a hosted on-demand service enabling contact centres to record calls without the need for them to install and maintain expensive capital equipment onsite.

It can be deployed across multiple sites and even within a home-working environment providing both your agents and your contact centre with more flexibility.

The service can be customised to best suit the operational requirements of your contact centre with various billing options available to ensure you receive the best value package.

How it works

The OPEX service captures the calls made to and from your contact centre in the telephony network and stores them on your behalf for retrieval at your convenience. Calls are kept on-line and can be accessed at any time via a web browser on a PC or from a telephone handset.

Types of calls that can be recorded

The OPEX service ensures inbound and outbound calls can be recorded from any telephone, anywhere and that includes landline, mobile and VoIP calls.

Calls Storage and Archiving

Calls can be automatically deleted at the end of your nominated period. If recordings need to be kept for longer, however, they can be archived remotely or stored at a secure location or at your own premises if preferred. Alternatively additional storage space can be purchased.

Playback Options

Web - Web playback is the most common method with access via the OPEX website portal; you will be given a secure login, user-name and password which will enable you to search for calls and replay them instantly.

How much does it cost?

There is an initial one-off set-up charge and once complete you will be billed for what you use on a pay-as-you-go basis. Reduced charges are available for large volume users.