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The OPEX hosted IVR Satisfaction Survey service combines the best features of traditional IVR-based satisfaction surveys with a multitude of additiona...

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Customer Satisfaction Surveys for Contact Centres

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Ideal for contact centres seeking real-time customer feedback, the OPEX hosted IVR Satisfaction Survey combines the best features of traditional IVR-based satisfaction surveys with a multitude of additional benefits:

Pay As You Go

It incorporates all the best features of a sophisticated system without the need for capital outlay. Simply pay for what you use.

Script and Go

The OPEX IVR Satisfaction Survey offers you assistance in script design and planning. Once the script and expected deliverables have been agreed, OPEX handles the rest with no impact on your resources.

Intelligent score-based routing

The OPEX IVR Satisfaction Survey enables intelligent decision-making based on outcomes. This may be intercepting or contacting a very dissatisfied customer, or quickly identifying a rogue agent who is having a negative influence on customers' responses.

MIS on Tap

Because the OPEX Service is a hosted service, it means that Management Information can easily be accessed by means of a Web Interface connecting into our secure portal.

Combine Verbal and Data Response

Sometimes a 'scored response' (i.e. "press 1 for good..." etc) is insufficient and a verbal response is needed. Combining verbal and data responses can give more specific feedback and around 5% of respondents given the option will also provide a verbal response.


As a hosted service, reports can be delivered on a scheduled or pre-defined basis. Ad-hoc reports can be run by anyone with access to the secure portal - this can simply be call statistics and conversion rates, or more sophisticated reports.


The OPEX service enables the alteration of scripts providing the flexibility to respond in real-time to a campaign's needs - a real value-add for your contact centre operations.