OPEX Hosting Telephony Services

Finance & Banking

Financial institutions are facing increasing challenges to meet the guidelines and regulations stipulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA). Whilst there are obvious benefits to keeping recordings of telephone conversations relating to financial trading, doing so to satisfy compliance requirements can be challenging, particularly as regulation changes. Already the challenges are becoming apparent as the ability to record all voice and SMS data over traders' Blackberry and mobile devices is currently under FSA review.

The OPEX Call Craft platform, together with the OPEX solution for mobile phone recording provide a highly scalable and cost-effective solution to meet the demands of the present without the risk of wasting capital investment in trying to guess the requirements of the future.

Another key application being used in the finance and banking community is OPEX's hosted predictive dialler technology. Currently rolled out within a major global bank and having passed stringent security checks it is being used to improve productivity of financial sales operations and works effectively across distributed locations to provide a centralised view of sales activity which can in turn be used to drive performance improvements.

When integrated with OPEX's click-to-talk application, the dialler technology becomes even more powerful. OPEX click-to-talk enables sales personnel to 'click' on the contact's phone number when reviewing customer data within a CRM system; this in turn dials the number, then simultaneously connects the salesperson and records the call. The call recording is then stored as a record within the CRM system, providing a tangible audit trail of interactions between banks and their customers.