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OPEX 'click-to-talk' is a powerful Software as a Service (SaaS) application designed to work within CRM systems such as Salesforce.com and Microsoft C...

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Click-to-talk for Financial Institutes

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OPEX 'click-to-talk' is a powerful Software as a Service (SaaS) application designed to work within CRM systems such as Salesforce.com and Microsoft CRM. It improves the quality and handling of outbound and inbound calls made by financial institutes whilst streamlining communications to improve service.

How it works - Outbound Calls

OPEX click-to-talk enables your users to simply click one of the automatically embedded 'call-links' in a CRM contact record to dial the contact number, simultaneously connecting the user and recording the call.

The real intelligence in the application lies in the fact that the call data and the recording will automatically be stored as a link against that contact within your CRM system. All calling activity whether successful or failed will then be logged within the CRM activity history.

Service is improved as an exact recollection of previous interactions with that customer is held via call recordings in the CRM system. This not only provides a communications audit trail, assisting with compliance it ensures that very quickly your personnel can be brought up to speed on the profile of the customer.

How it works - Inbound Calls

This element of the click-to-talk application is ideal where a Non Geographic Number (NGN) may be published for a specific financial campaign and then internally assigned to a group of users with dedicated DDI's. When a customer calls in on an '0845' number, the click-to-talk application routes the call to that pre-assigned group using ACD functionality whilst at the same time intelligently popping the data record of the caller from the CRM system onto the screen of whoever picks up the call.

The application intuitively figures out which group to route the call to, who is free to take the call and will select the appropriate contact record to load up from within the CRM system. This ultimately saves time, duplication of information and significantly improves customer experience.


The product is flexible, easily deployed, does not require a huge upfront investment and can be cascaded to those users who need it most, regardless of where they are based. It has been designed to have a positive impact on customer interaction, service and sales, incorporating the very latest on-demand business application technology.