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OPEX Conferencing is a hosted self-service application enabling participants to teleconference from any phone, at any time, in any location.

This service is designed for business people on the go. You can set up a conference call in seconds making it an ideal solution for those impromptu group discussions or when transport systems let you down.

Easy To Use

This service is simple to use, with instant connection it brings people together quickly and effectively, providing crystal clear audio quality for all parties. It takes seconds to set up a conference call; no special expertise is needed, no special equipment is required and there is no time-consuming set-up service.

OPEX simply provides you with a telephone conference number to dial and a pin number to access the service.


For those teleconferences which are planned in advance, the conference organiser or chairperson has the ability using the conferencing application to specify date, time, participants, participant's telephone number and agenda.

This means that for those participants on the move who don't have access to reminders an intuitive outbound scheduling system can be deployed as part of the conferencing application. This can be set up to send automatic reminders by email, SMS text and can even initiate a call to each of the participants minutes before the conference is due to start bringing them onto the teleconference hotline.

Additional features include the ability for the organiser or chair to temporarily exit the conference, dial another party and bring them into the conference should this be necessary for validation on any points.

Retrieval and playback

The entire teleconference can also be recorded, and an audio file easily retrieved and played back using a web interface, so that all those important points can be captured and appropriate action taken.

How much does it cost?

Paying for your teleconference couldn't be easier, OPEX Teleconferencing is 'usage' based operating on a pay-as-you-go basis for smaller requirements. For larger, long-term arrangements an admin and small monthly charge may apply.