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Mobile Call Recording

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Our Mobile Call Recording package ensures mobile workers are given the same level of protection as their desk-bound colleagues using landlines. The OPEX Mobile Recording solution automatically records all calls to and from mobile phones registered to the service.

There is no need to change contracts with existing providers, no need to change mobile phone numbers or networks and this service is available on most modern handsets including Blackberry™.

Compliant Recording

The Compliant Recording process provides corporate clients with a tamper-proof system which allows recording of their mobile phones to take place either within the telecoms network or on the organisation's own in-house recording systems - which ever best fits the corporate policy.

How it works

Each call is recorded and indexed along with the relevant details of the 'calling' or 'called' party and is available for replay from a secure link immediately after the call has finished.

Record SMS Texts

SMS texts can also be recorded. It is envisaged that future compliance laws will require this and the Compliant Recording system already has a secure SMS recording module that records all traffic automatically in a tamper-proof process.


  • With usage based charging there is no upfront capital cost
  • Individuals can be added to the service as demand dictates
  • Simple to use and virtually no training required
  • Future proof compliance solution (particularly within financial markets)
  • Rapid implementation and set-up
  • Pilot projects available

How much does it cost?

The compliant mobile phone recording service is based on usage-based costing so there is no upfront capital outlay and you are only charged for what you use. This provides enormous benefit and flexibility as individuals and groups can be added or removed as necessary.