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Call Routing

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Call Routing, also commonly called Call Distribution, or Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) is the ability to receive incoming calls on a specific number, and have those calls intelligently distributed to groups of people within your organisation.

OPEX's Call Craft application provides a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use interface to a hosted call distribution package. This means that you can log in to a secure website, and remotely control who should be receiving which phone calls.

Moreover, unlike traditional hardware-based ACDs which are often very expensive and inflexible, OPEX's hosted ACD has a number of very valuable advantages, and you only pay for what you use on a monthly basis.

Advantages of Hosted ACD

  • Highly flexible - OPEX hosted call routing can be accessed from anywhere
  • Very simple browser based interface using the latest technology
  • Forever-young! Hardware gets old. OPEX ACD is constantly being improved to keep up with technology
  • Sophisticated features including routing calls based on rotas or timetables
  • Low start-up costs
  • Almost infinitely scaleable - both up and down!