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Clinician Rotas

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On Call Rotas are widely used within healthcare. On Call rotas are published listing who is on call at any time together with their contact details.

This means that the On Call Rotas have to be continually updated and published. Also clinicians' personal contact details are published and so could result in a subsequent call when off rota.

With OPEX rota router a single telephone number is published for the service and incoming calls are automatically routed on to On Call staff. Clinicians' personal contact details are not published.

OPEX's Call Craft Application provides a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use interface to quickly set up and maintain staff shifts and control who should be receiving which phone calls and clinical staff can input their availability from a mobile phone.

All calls routed to On Call clinicians are automatically recorded.

The OPEX rota router offers a simpler, more efficient way of maintaining On Call rotas.