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OPEX Hosting provide back-up for 111 service

With a number of out of hours healthcare providers having to transfer their call handling to the new 111 service, it’s always good to know there...

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One important feature of a call distribution system is the ability to queue calls at busy periods. OPEX recognises the importance for managers to be able to see what is happening in the call queue on specific numbers at any given time.

The OPEX Call Craft Application provides the ability for managers to view a highly-customisable real-time dashboard. This dashboard provides instant access to important information like:

  • The number of people in the queue
  • The longest time someone in the queue has been waiting
  • The average wait time in the queue

The system also allows you to set specific alerts and thresholds so that you can be pro-actively notified if something is not as it should be in the call queue.

In addition, comprehensive reports are provided to measure performance against targets, including the information required to support the National Quality Requirements (NQR) for Out of Hours urgent care providers.