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OPEX call routing provides the ability to route calls directly to clinical staff on home phones or mobiles and to easily change call routing and shifts remotely from a secure website whilst still recording all calls. This type of highly flexible telephony solution is essential when it is necessary to maintain effective telecommunication between patients and clinicians during a pandemic disease outbreak.

A key part of pandemic planning is provision of a 'flu line' for information and clinical advice. This service will be critical to reducing GP visits and hospital admissions to manageable levels.

In the event of a flu pandemic, government advice is that people should remain at home wherever possible in order to reduce infection risk and to maintain sufficient capacity. Despite this, many current flu pandemic plans are based on existing major incident or disaster plans - namely the opening of large emergency call centres to handle the increased number of calls and provide advice. This is clearly a flawed approach.

Clinical staff providing telephone triage and advice will need to be able to work from home wherever possible and pandemic planning should provide the infrastructure for calls to be routed to home or mobile phones.

For a low setup and monthly charge, OPEX call routing can be configured and ready to use in days not weeks and has the scalability to handle virtually unlimited call volumes.