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Single Telephone Access Number (STAN)

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Patients and the public say that accessing healthcare services can be confusing, complex and extremely difficult at times, especially out of hours. Patients often don't know who they should call - their GP, NHS Direct or 999.

This confusion results in increased 'inappropriate' 999 calls and A&E visits, increased costs to the NHS and less than perfect support for urgent medical conditions.

The acknowledged first step is to develop a single point of access for urgent care so that all patients are assessed and prioritised in the same way, whichever number they call.

Whilst the Department of Health are exploring the introduction of a single three-digit number for urgent care, including 247 or 888, many Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) are already implementing and benefiting from PCT wide Single Access Numbers.

OPEX can provide your Single Access Number and work with you to implement the most effective messaging, routing and call distribution architecture.

OPEX can also provide your 0300 number, including easily memorised numbers from the range 03000 24xxxx. A new, easily remembered Single Access Number will help you simplify access, improve public awareness and support the more effective coordination of care.