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Switch back-up

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Back-up planning has to evaluate how to continue providing access and clinical services in the event of any number of scenarios; power, telephone line or switch failure, terrorist activity, bomb threat, gas leak, etc. etc.

Conventional back-up planning includes back-up generators and back-up switches or alternative sites. However many of these plans are still dependent on other parts of the infrastructure to be in operation.

OPEX call routing provides a far more elegant solution and is completely independent upon any other part of the infrastructure being active.

OPEX services can be configured as a virtual switch, with IVR and ACD, and calls can be routed to any phone, DDI or mobile. For switch back-up planning, there could be several fall back options dependent upon what has failed. One option would be to purchase low-cost 'pay-as-you-go' mobile phones and have these set up on our platform.

With OPEX call routing, in the event of a power, line or switch fail you would simply distribute these mobile phones, get your calls routed to the OPEX platform and calls would then be routed as set up. With the appropriate logon details, you could modify the routing to suit the situation from any web connected computer.

This switch back-up solution is very low cost, but provides a totally independent communications solution even when faced with the worst eventuality or infrastructure disaster.