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Virtual Switch

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OPEX hosted telephony services include all the features available on telephone switches such as ACD, IVR, hunt groups, queue management and much more.

As such, the OPEX Call Craft platform can act as an independent switch within the telephone network, which, given the correct logon credentials, you can configure and change the call routing from any web connected computer. Calls from the OPEX Call Craft platform can be routed to existing switches, DDI extensions or mobile phones.

In effect the OPEX platform is a 'virtual switch' which allows you to continue to route calls in the event of your existing physical telephony hardware failing.

This 'virtual switch' is extremely powerful and enables additional capability on your existing telephony infrastructure. New telephone services can be setup and calls routed to phones distributed on the same switch, on different switches, or mobile and home phones. Groups can be easily set up to route calls to staff with particular skill sets or expertise for example.

This 'virtual switch' is used widely in the NHS where many organisations share the same infrastructure and therefore cannot modify the existing switch and telephone hardware. For example, Out of Hours providers can route calls to DDI extensions in shared hospital or PCT facilities without changing any equipment.

As all calls routed through the OPEX Call Craft platform are automatically recorded, there is no need to connect additional call recording equipment.

The OPEX platform includes full call queue management capabilities and provides a highly-customisable real-time dashboard. This dashboard provides instant access to important information like the number of people in the queue, average wait time, longest wait time, etc, and you can set specific alerts and thresholds so that you can be pro-actively notified if something is not as it should be in the call queue.