OPEX Hosting Telephony Services

Public Safety

OPEX's hosted telephony services are widely used in the public safety sector for the distribution and recording of calls to various public safety bodies including ambulance services and police departments.

Many public safety organisations and departments have a requirement to record all inbound and outbound telephone calls, including mobile phones. OPEX's hosted solutions mean that all call recordings from many geographically dispersed sites can be easily located and played back from any PC with the appropriate security credentials.

These are some of the services currently being provided by OPEX:

  • Call recording for several NHS Out-of-Hours services
  • Call routing, distribution and recording for some of the UK's largest Primary Care Trusts
  • Mobile phone recording for Ambulance Services and Police forces
  • Revolutionising the way that audio and video recordings are distributed and used by Police forces

The main reasons that the Public Safety sector uses hosted telephony services from OPEX are:

  • Only paying for usage
  • Scalability
  • No additional support costs
  • The ability to start small (and inexpensive) and scale up
  • The flexibility of being able to control call routing from anywhere