OPEX Hosting Telephony Services

Contact Centres

Contact Centres are an obvious market for OPEX's hosted telephony application suite. The solutions provided can be used to manage multiple campaigns, improve the productivity of outbound sales activity and improve customer service with prompt routing and IVR services.

For contact centres and outsourcers, the hosted solution is a viable option for those seeking the flexibility to expand and contract their operation to suit their client projects, without huge expenditure.

Hosted Contact Centre Solutions include:

ACD - Providing intelligent routing and management of inbound call traffic and can be set up as a complete service where no ACD currently exists or work in conjunction with existing customer infrastructure.

Call Recording - A complete service where contact centres can have their calls recorded and stored in the network.

Campaign Management - An intuitive customer interaction management tool designed to improve agent performance with consistent messaging and customer focus.

Click-to-talk - A powerful Software as a Service (SaaS) application designed to work within CRM systems to improve the quality and handling of outbound and inbound calls whilst streamlining communications to improve service.

Customer Satisfaction - A hosted IVR-based customer satisfaction survey with intelligent score-based routing and sophisticated real-time reporting, ideal for contact centres wishing to report back to clients on campaign successes.

Diallers - A unique network-based predictive dialler platform which can be used for outbound and inbound campaigns, ideal for those contact centres seeking to ensure they are OFCOM compliant.

Self-Service IVR - For inbound and outbound telephone campaigns or transaction handling OPEX Self-Service IVR suits most contact centre needs. We can provide a complete Self-Service model or work as part of your existing infrastructure.