OPEX Hosting Telephony Services

Who uses hosting?

The concept of hosted applications is no longer new and there is a clear business case for many different types of organisations to use hosted telephony solutions based on the range of benefits it can provide. The size of an organisation is no longer a factor as many SME's are now leveraging the benefits and associated cost savings as are large corporates with distributed offices.

Equally government and financial institutions are embracing the technology to assist with compliance and regulatory needs as well as the need to have a good business continuity plan in place.

In recent years OPEX Hosting has witnessed a tremendous growth in the number of companies embracing hosted technology and the success and expansion of the company is testimony to this trend.

Outlined below are just some of the types of organisations using OPEX Hosting solutions:

  • Contact centres and outsourcers that deal with seasonal demand, fluctuating volumes and that are campaign led
  • Healthcare organisations who need to have contingencies in place, in the event of major incidents
  • Financial & banking organisations subject to legislation and compliance which may affect their long term technology investment
  • Public safety and police organisations who want access to centralised recording systems
  • Local government organisations seeking low cost solutions designed to improve customer service
  • Central government organisations with distributed or multiple sites
  • General businesses experiencing rapid organic growth or through merger and acquisition activity
  • Entrepreneurial organisations that are innovative in their business approach, constantly piloting new ideas and projects
  • SME organisations that want access to the same level of technology as their larger counterparts