OPEX Hosting Telephony Services

Business Continuity

Every business needs to plan for outages, pandemics and even 'the wrong type of snow' and this is an area where hosting offers a strategic advantage over traditional CPE practices. Using the hosted model agents and staff will still be connected to the OPEX technology platform and necessary applications when the unexpected happens.

A hosted solution also offers the flexibility to switch staff from working at one location to another within a matter of minutes. This eliminates the cost of building and maintaining a Disaster Recovery site from which to handle calls in an emergency.

Business Continuity has historically been extremely expensive to the point where SME's and start ups just couldn't afford to invest in it to the same level as their larger counterparts. The hosted option effectively now puts all businesses, regardless of size and type, on a level playing field.

Hosted providers such as OPEX work with telco-grade service delivery platforms and with clients including government and financial organisations who demand strict contingency plans and security procedures to ensure the protection of information. Our hosted telephony platform is supported 24 / 7 and is housed in secure facilities.

We take business continuity seriously, ensuring our solutions are developed around high availability operating systems, so regardless of the size of your business you are afforded the same level of protection as some of the largest corporate organisations across the globe.

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