OPEX Hosting Telephony Services


The OPEX Call Craft Platform offers the same level of protection and compliance as traditional hardware telephony solutions. In fact it comes with the added advantage of being easily adapted to suit legislative change.

As traditional technology suppliers warily keep an eye on possible updates and regulatory change from bodies such as Ofcom and the FSA, hosted providers benefit from the knowledge that any updates can be centrally made to their applications and then cascaded back down to clients with relative ease.

Internal compliance procedures are easily audited and administered with access levels to data and administration rights managed from within the organisation using the OPEX Call Craft platform. Historically some organisations have been penalised for not being able to retrieve interactions such as voice recordings quickly or within the timescales needed, but the OPEX Call Craft platform has been designed intuitively, thus ensuring recordings can be retrieved quickly and accurately regardless of whether they have been archived or are still online.

All OPEX Hosting applications are continuously updated to be compliant with legislation as it evolves including regulatory guidelines from PCI DSS, MiFID, FSA and Ofcom.

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