OPEX Hosting Telephony Services


A number of OPEX hosting clients have chosen to go down the hosted route for their telephony applications because it has facilitated the expansion of their business without having to fully commit funds on a long term basis.

The variety, amount and reliability of hosted applications now available ensures that the technology can scale as quickly and rapidly as the business can, regardless of industry.

OPEX Hosting has worked with a number of these companies to customise hosted telephony applications ensuring they can scale their technology solution, whilst retaining centralised management and control of the application. Amongst OPEX's clients are contact centre outsourcers which need to be able to expand quickly to react to clients needs.

Traditionally technology suppliers have focused on the quick wins selling contact centre technology solely to the enterprise market, but as this sector reaches saturation and technology has evolved the spotlight has increasingly fallen on the SME market.

The scalability of the hosted model is particularly well suited to the SME market, with low upfront investment, immediate access to the latest technology and a level of security that otherwise may not have been afforded.

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