OPEX Hosting Telephony Services

Green IT

The concept of 'Green IT' is increasingly moving up the corporate agenda as companies investigate the costs savings possible from implementing green strategies whilst seen to be ensuring technology does not become a key contributor to the environmental problem.

The truth of the matter is that there is an environmental impact attributable to the amount of desktop equipment and datacenters a company owns. For each piece of equipment in your possession which has been manufactured and transported to get to its final destination there is a cost to the environment and your organisation.

Hosted telephony applications are a prime example of how technologies can be deployed to support the green initiative by providing everything a business needs for its telephony over the Internet or telephony network without the need for purchasing or transporting equipment.

There is also a saving in office space and no need for power for cooling and powering equipment. A hosted solution effectively enables your organisation to reduce its energy use to offset long term energy demands.

Due to economies of scale, OPEX shares power consumption across many clients who would otherwise individually consume electricity using their own telecoms equipment.

Effectively the hosted solution allows for the sharing of physical equipment and resource which ultimately supports Green IT whilst reducing a company's costs.

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