OPEX Hosting Telephony Services

Home and Mobile workers

Advancements in technology and the reduced cost of computers have removed many of the limitations businesses have previously faced about where to base their workforce. Today's workers can work almost anywhere.

Hosted telephony is another technological step towards embracing the mobile workforce and offers the following benefits to businesses who want to be liberated from physical geographical constraints:

  • Hosted call routing means you can change the routing of calls to your staff from any location that has an internet connection - you no longer need to call in an engineer
  • Mobile recording means that agents can be anywhere and still have there calls recorded - they are no longer tied to the recording equipment's location
  • Planning for a pandemic, when people will have to stay at home, is made easy. The OPEX platform allows you to deploy a complete call routing and recording plan that can be remotely managed, with staff working from home
  • Organisations that must have all calls recorded can now allow their staff to use mobile phones for business purposes safe in the knowledge that all of their calls will be recorded
  • Businesses can widen their resource pool as geographical constraints may no longer apply

The age of home and mobile working is truly upon us, the technology exists to support it and if analyst predictions are correct this will be a real area of growth in coming years.

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