OPEX Hosting Telephony Services

Access to Latest Technology

A major benefit of using hosted pay-as-you-go telephony solutions is gaining access to the very latest technology without having to invest too much time or money thereby avoiding substantial capital investment in technology, which in just a few years time may become redundant or worse obsolete.

The general availability of applications, previously only available by purchasing expensive hardware has been another significant factor in hosted uptake. For example Call Recording, IVR (including applications such as customer satisfaction surveys), ACD, Agent scripting and Dialler applications are all now available via the hosted model. These applications offer the same feature-rich functionality as their hardware (CPE) counterparts and have the added flexibility of being easily customised in real-time to meet a client's needs.

Importantly, hosted applications remain forever young! Updated releases and new applications of products can be very quickly and cost effectively deployed with zero downtime and little or no inconvenience caused to customers. There are no hidden maintenance costs because the monthly charging structure includes everything.

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