OPEX Hosting Telephony Services


Security and reliability have always been an important consideration when looking at hosted solutions, and this is very much the case with hosted telephony.

OPEX Hosting has built its solutions from the ground up on telco-grade service delivery platforms with both reliability and security in mind with the result that its hosted solutions are now held in the same regard as traditional onsite systems.

Reliability and fault tolerance is addressed by using high availability servers and operating systems with a high level of redundancy built in to allow for all eventualities. OPEX is one of the only hosted telephony suppliers that has made allowances for failure of an entire telephony network by building fully-meshed platforms on multiple carrier networks.

OPEX also recognises that security is something which is viewed differently by different clients, and caters to customers from a wide variety of organisations including the NHS, Financial Institutions and the Public Safety sector. All systems are built on the basic premise of a sound security architecture which includes encryption of data, activity logging and user access security policies to ensure that only the right people can access data stored on OPEX servers. Additionally, all OPEX solutions are accessed on secure sites and, if appropriate, sensitive data is stored directly onto customers' own servers.

To validate the security of its facilities OPEX Hosting has employed external security companies to attack systems and review the security protocols and audit processes. This has led to the development of best practice security procedures right down to where the information is housed, in secure facilities designed to meet the most stringent of client requirements.

In addition to ensuring reliability and availability of its systems, OPEX provides all customers access to its dedicated support team who are equipped to quickly respond to customers' support requirements.

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