OPEX Hosting Telephony Services

Why use hosting?

Hosted services deliver a number of strategic commercial benefits for organisations regardless of their size. Firstly, companies gain immediate access to the latest technology which is paramount to running an efficient and profitable business.

Secondly, because the whole nature of hosting is 'on-demand' supply and 'usage' payment, expenditure is strictly revenue based; all of the issues and costs with having to select, install and maintain expensive capital equipment are removed.

Thirdly, hosted solutions are highly flexible; this ensures you can develop more efficient and profitable operations by rapidly responding to changing business needs. For example when demand is excessive the OPEX solution can provide re-routing or back up to multi-site contact centres or home-workers.

Still not convinced?

OPEX hosted services are run on telco-grade systems providing maximum security and resilience for applications. The level of business continuity provided is to a very high standard and would be prohibitively expensive for many organisations to implement on their own.

Not only do hosted solutions facilitate improvements to existing systems and nurture improved productivity levels, they also support expansion strategies, provide solid ground for pilot projects and can be rapidly deployed.

The very nature of the way the solution is delivered is in itself a key benefit to those organisations focused on the Green IT agenda. With no costly installation of equipment which would greedily eat into power consumption.

What's more, hosted solutions provide a similar or greater level of compliance to that demanded by the various regulatory bodies of traditional technology suppliers. In fact it could be argued that hosted solutions protect an organisation's investment from a compliance perspective more effectively because of their ability to be quickly updated and redeployed to reflect new regulatory change.